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Hello everyone,

So, first of all, I need to tell you a very good news….

Kika on kids finally has a logo!!!

And of course, probably many of you have noticed that it also has a new theme!

I`m so happy about it, I like it better in that way.

It’s looking more professional, don’t you think?

And all this, thanks for my super <<BFF>> ⬅️ do you remember this post?

Well… let`s move on to a little update:

  • School – work and training – everything good, I love my little 21 students.
  • My life as an international student also very good.
  • Life here in Seattle it starts to be cold and wet, it`s no surprise that Washington is called the ever-green state!!! Guess why??? Here it`s always raining!!!

But I have to be honest, it`s still a nice place where to live.

Now that I told you my updates, let` talk about this week post.

Like always I started googling around trying to find good stories, and this time wasn`t that easy…but here I am…so… let`s get started…

To how many of you have happened to be with your nose up looking at a kite flying in the sky?

Kites are one of those things that fascinate both young and old.

For this reason, I have been searching for the story of this wonderful object that I found to be not just a simple toy!


According to tradition, kites made of silk and bamboo first appeared in China some 3,000 years ago, but the earliest written account of kite flying is about 200 BC. A Chinese general used a kite to determine the distance his troops needed to tunnel under a city’s walls. Kite flying spread throughout Asia and became a national pastime in several countries. From Asia, kites continued to migrate to the rest of the world. In the English language, kites share their name with a graceful and colorful hawk.

Though the aerodynamics of kites remain the same, the materials, shapes, and uses of kites have multiplied throughout the centuries. Ancient Chinese kites have given way to kites of paper, polyester, and rip-stop nylon. Flat kites with diamond or geometric shapes share the skies with intricate box kites and other three-dimensional forms and inflatable spar-less airfoils. Over the years, kites have advanced science, meteorology, building construction, and photography. Modern enthusiasts use kites for sports like hang-gliding and competitive kite fighting, and in traditional and national festivals. Other people like Brothers Bob and Steve Negen use kites just for fun. In 1981 they decided to try making a living selling them. They opened a small kite shop in Mackinaw City, Michigan, and came up with the brilliantly imaginative name “Mackinaw Kite Co.” Although young and inexperienced (Steve wasn’t even 20 yet), their enthusiasm and passion for their product sold enough kites to pay the rent. Wanting also to pay their salaries, the two added related products like windsocks to their already colorful selection of single line kites and stunt kites. By 1986, Mackinaw Kite Co. was doing well enough to add a second location in Grand Haven’s Chinook Pier shopping center. Thanks to a perfect kite-flying beach nearby, this store also sold enough kites to pay the rent plus a small salary, but winter foot traffic was non-existent. Needing to eat year-round, in 1991 Bob and Steve moved their new shop to a space in Grand Haven’s downtown and added classic toys such as wooden trains, yo-yos, and other hands-on, educational toys, puzzles, and games. In 1997 they moved the store a few doors down into its own building, making it not only one of the world’s oldest kite shops but one of the largest as well.

When I was a little girl I had a couple.

I remember that the most strategic point to fly them was our terrace.

They are simple, colorful, cheerful, full of life and freedom, just like our children.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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Have a great week.

See you soon

Kiss from Kika


Per la versione in Italiano clicca qui

One thought on “Toys Review – The Kite – L`Aquilone.

  1. Brava , l’aquilone è sicuramente uno di quei giocattoli che , molti bambini di oggi non hanno conosciuto, troppo semplice e poco tecnologico, non abbastanza educativo, forse anche un pò stupido.
    Che tristezza….. crescere senza conoscere l’emozione di vedere volare un aquilone con la sola forza del vento, o la frustrazione di non riuscire a farlo volare. Emozioni che sicuramente mancano ai bambini di oggi, troppo impegnati ed indaffarati nella loro vita tecnologica e priva di emozioni vere e semplici. Ridiamo ai nostri bambini un aquilone ed aiutiamoli a farlo volare, per un attimo torniamo bambini e solleviamo tutti il nasino all’insù.

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