Toys Review – Rainbow Loom!!!


Hi everyone, have you ever heard about Rainbow loom creations?

It`s a very creative game for kids.

Rainbow Loom is a plastic tool used to weave colorful rubber and plastic bands into bracelets and charms. It was invented in 2011 by Cheong Choon Ng in Novi, Michigan.

Cheong Choon Ng conceived the idea of a toy loom for elastic after seeing his two young daughters making rubber bracelets. He tried to show them how they could attach rubber bands together. It didn’t work. He decided to create a loom with more tips, that might be easier to attach the rubber bands.

Since that time, the bracelets have become popular in his neighborhood, and at that point one of the daughters suggested to start to sale it the kit. For the kit it took six months developing and everything has been designed in 28 different versions. For its prototype, which he called “wonder loom,” he used a wooden board, thumbtacks, and dental braces. He has invested $ 10,000 and found a factory in China to manufacture the pieces, which he and his wife have assembled in their home in June 2011.

Ng has decided to rename the product after discovering that an elastic band hair was on the market with the name Twist band. His niece suggested “Rainbow Loom”.

All the efforts to sell online and in stores the loom have not been very successful at the beginning because customers have not understood how to use the product. Ng decided to build a website and filming videos tutorials of his daughters and niece creating bracelets! On summer 2012, Ng has received its first orders. In June 2013 an American chain stores “Michaels” has marketed the product in 32 stores. In August 2013 the chain was carrying the Rainbow Loom in all its 1,100 US locations. Starting from ‘August 2013, 600 chain stores selling the Rainbow Loom Kit at a retail price of $ 15 to $ 17.

In 2013, Ng has worked with Beadery and plastic toner to produce the Loom Wonder, a redesigned version of the Rainbow Loom made in the United States. On April 2014, Ng launched a traveling version of the Rainbow Loom.

Rainbow Loom, another real smash!!!

Now on the market there are guide books, YouTube is full of video tutorials on how to make bracelets.

Jimmy Kimmel appeared on his ABC show with a suit made entirely of rubber bands, he asked to send him rainbow loom bracelets for create a suit to wear. His was primarily a cause for charity.

Jimmy KimmelA toy started by a piece of wood has allowed Ng to sell in September 2014 more than 8 million units worldwide and manufacturing more than 40 million of elastic box.

It is true that “no matter what anybody tells you words and ideas can change the world.”

And you, what do you think?

Your kids play with the Cheong Choon Ng`s rubber bands?

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