Tips & Tricks – Quando non so cosa scrivere… When I don`t know what to write…

Hi everyone,

I know, I know, you guys are right, it`s a very long time since I haven`t written…

But I swear, I was very busy with some deadlines for school and beside that Sofia was basically sick for a week with fever.

Please Forgive me!

As if all that were not already enough, my “host dad” fell on the ice walking  Bella and he teared his tendon of the left thigh. Practically now he finds himself not  be able to drive and he has to stay home with a rigid brace on his knee because he can`t bend it for about six weeks.

You also need to know that the 27th  I leaving for Las Vegas ?✌️ to follow Sofia in one of her gymnastics competitions. Don`t forget to follow my hashtag #kikaontheroad on my social accounts.

And just about that I also wanted to tell you that I landed on ?Snapchat, I can say that I use it every day enjoying myself with the cool filters!

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After my super messy weeks, I didn`t have a lot of ideas about the topics of this post, but yesterday something caught my attention.

While studying sitting at the Barnes & Nobel`s Starbucks, reading the news I find out that there had been a shooting at the bpm festival in Mexico and there I realized that I knew about some of my friends that they were there.

They are all right beside the great shock and the fear, they are fine.

Unfortunately for 5 other people was not the same, and among the victims there was also an Italian.

After this news I started to think a little be to the “lightness” pass me the term, with which I read the news and with which I have done the research.

I remembered when about two years ago, my sister and my dad called me to tell me that my mother had had a cerebral thrombosis.

I remember how suddenly, the whole world around me had become small, trivial and unnecessary.

That moment my brain had stopped.

You know when you see in the movies one of the characters starring without moving and a voice in the background says what he is thinking?

My reaction was just that.

My mom is fine now, she`s back like the usual annoying mom!???

But in all this, the other day I thought about how bad news should be given to children?

I do not know, you always think that a child can have the ability to take the news differently or even depending on the age not to understand it, but is it really in that way?

The truth, which sometimes can sound rude and ugly is the only solution.

Suffering is part of life, and unfortunately we cannot protect our children from that.

One of my greatest suffering was the death of my grandfather, but somehow I had to face that suffering, metabolize it, make it mine, live with it to keep him alive in me and with me. I don`t remember anything of those days, I think my mind has removed them as a way of protection in its own respect.

Thus preventing me to not remember the bad things, but just the good ones.

I did some research on google as usual, and there are so many blogs of advice on how to give a child a bad news, but there is really an effective way?

I think there isn`t.

For these things don`t exist manuals.

In this technologically advanced and crazy world, where the bad and adverse opinion  always comes before then the positive or good ones, unfortunately we are never ready to face certain things.

I don`t want to say annoying moral things, but I think that our kids should know what’s going on around them.

They are our future, if we hide everything to them, because we consider it too violent or ugly, they will never know what is going on and we will make them live in a world of fantasy and imagination that is not the real one.

Think of the children that live every day the war, or the child soldiers, which life are they living?

The same of our children if we don`t tell them the truth about the world where they live in.

The truth is, that when I read that there are more than 250,000 child soldiers in the world, or that there are millions of children who died in the war, millions who died of hunger and thirst, these stories remind me just a trivial thing, so banal that because so trivial we often forget about it: none of us chooses where to be born, and by whom.

This is a such simple principle. You know that word that often religions use? Brotherhood or sisterhood.

This is the meaning of that: we are trivially and simply all brothers and sisters, we are all born in the same world without having chosen anything!

So when I don`t know what to write … I write these posts! ???

I hope, after my long absence you enjoyed reading the post.

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Kiss  from KiKa. ?

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