My Grandmothers 10 most delicious recipes! (Part 1)

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Hi everyone,

this is going to be a special post. First, I want to tell you that I preferred to split the post into two parts.

I thought of writing a single post with all the recipes, but it would have been too long.

If some of you has read my “about me” page, for sure know that my 2 grandmothers come from 2 different country.

My dad`s mom is from Sardinia, Italy and my mom`s mom is from Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Get raise in a family with 2 different culture means have the luck to eat 2 different cuisines. 

A week ago I decided to involve my mom and my aunt (my dad`s sister) in this little project of share my grandmothers’ best recipes. They did a very good job of interweaving my grandmothers and write down for me the recipes.

So, let’s get started, but first let me tell you my grandmothers` name and some advice in how you should read this post.

Simona is the Italian one and Julia the Swiss one.

The recipes are some in Italian and some in French. “Nonna” means grandma in Italian!!!

1 I Bricelets di Nonna Julia.

Those one, are her best recipes ever. Everybody loves them, but they need a special machine, and she is the only one in my little village could make it.

So, the recipe is:

7 eggs, 125 grams of margarine or butter, Teaspoon (or how she will say a large soup spoon) of Crisco, 1½ liters of cooking cream, A little bit of Salt, 1 kilo of flour, a little bit of lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of warm water. Mix all together when the dough is ready put it in the fridge all night!

You will make them the next day and if you do half of the ingredients, put 4 eggs instead of 3.5.


2 Le pesche di Nonna Simona.

Those one are amazing super sugary cookie!!!

1kg flour, 400g sugar, 250g Crisco, 6 eggs, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 lemon, 1 orange. Place the flour in a bowl incorporate Crisco (melted), sugar, the eggs and the baking powder and mix it until dough is smooth. Roll out the dough and do small circle with a stamp. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius per20 min For topping: Alchermes, jam (peach or cherry), Nutella, Sugar. When they are cold take 2 cookies and with a spoon put the jam inside. Dip the biscuits in alchermes and then pass them in the sugar.


3 La Tresse di Nonna Julia.

Tresse in French means braid, so is a sweet braid bread!

150g butter, 1 kilo flour, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon salt, 20g baking powder, 6dl milk.

Mix everything in a bowl, when the dough is ready let it stand until doubled in volume.

When is finally ready divide the dough in 3 different pieces.

Roll them until they become big and long.

Start braid them, when you are done, use the yellow of one egg for make it shine on top and then bake at 180 degree Celsius per 20 or 30 minutes.


4 La zuppa gallurese di Nonna Simona.

The “Zuppa Gallurese” is the traditional meal from where I come from.


Beef, onion, salt, tomato concentrate, water. Filling: Bread, melted cheese, parsley.

Prepare the broth. Grate the cheese and season it with parsley.

Cut the bread into slices (not too thick). In a baking dish, place a layer of bread and sprinkle cheese so it until the pan is full like the lasagna process. Put the broth (broth must impregnate bread well) inside. Prick with a fork until you get to the bottom of the pan.

Bake it, is going to be ready when you will see a gold crust and smell a super yummy smell!!!

Ph by Giallo Zafferano blog

5 La Tarte aux Pommes Nonna Julia.

Margarine 150g, flour 300g, salt, water, making dough with hands, let stand. Roll it into a baking dish and cut the apples into wedges and place them in the dough. Use 2 beaten eggs in a jar with a little bit of flour, a bit’ of salt, sugar and cooking cream, when is become liquid but not too much, spread it on the cake. Before putting it in the oven put some more pieces of margarine or butter on top, bake it at 180-degree Celsius checking it often.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post even though it was only the first part. The recipes of grandmothers are fantastic, there are no real proportions on it. For some fabulous destiny joke they always do everything by eye and delightfully good. When you ask them something about a recipe is always a little bit of this and some of this other thing. I don`t know why but my grandmothers don`t use cooking books!!!

Let me know if I have aroused your curiosity.

Let me know if you try to make one of these recipes, and if you need help, please contact me!!! ???

A big kiss and see you soon with the second part…


Per la versione in Italiano Clicca Qui.

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