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Hi everyone,

I hope you all have passed another beautiful weekend with your family.

During my absence, I had great time, I have been a weekend in Wenatchee and then the week after I travel on the road all the way down to California, but I don`t need to tell you, for sure have you all followed my hashtag, #kikaontheroad, right???

I’ll be honest in telling you that it wasn`t easy write this post, all the recommended and my ideas were good, but none of them had a strong inspiration on me.

So, I will tell you the truth, are 4:30pm on December 1st, I’m sitting at Starbucks with my tall soy cappuccino next to my computer while I try to think of which one is going to be the next line of this post; and if I can create one who at least entice you of reading until the last word.

I heard they call it writer’s block, but honestly, I don`t know whether it also applies for a post directed to a blog on children!!! ???

But I will not waste any more time, two teenagers in front of me in line for coffee, as they talked of things themselves, they used a term that how would say my father made me turn on my brain!!!

Have you ever heard of bullying???

Surely many of you will have heard the news about this topic, and certainly many have thought, “I’m sorry for that child, boy or girl”, but  just few  of you stopped to think about how this topic  it can be close to us.

I decided to do some research, and what I found is mostly shocking.

That one is not a boring post, or just another sad news of a case of bullying, I just want to invite you to reflect for a moment on what you read, in the same way, I decided to stop and think. The question is simple, I know you cannot live by “if”, but if it were my son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin or friend what would I do???

[ By School Bullying Statistics the  77 percent of all students being bullied verbally in some way or another including mental bullying or even verbal abuse. These types of bullying can also include spreading rumors, yelling obscenities or other derogatory terms based on an individual’s race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Out of the 77 percent of those bullied, 14 percent have a severe or bad reaction to the abuse, according to recent school bullying statistics. These numbers make up the students that experience poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety about going to school and even suicidal thoughts (bullycide) as a result of being bullied by their peers. Also as part of this study, about one in five students admitted they are responsible for bullying their peers. Almost half of all students fear harassment or bullying in the bathroom at school, according to these school bullying statistics. As a result of this fear and anxiety of being bullied, many students will make excuses or find ways around going to school. School bullying statistics also reveal that teens ages 12-17 believe they have seen violence increase at their schools. In fact, these numbers also show that most violent altercations between students are more likely to occur on school grounds than on the way to school for many teens.]

What a strange phenomenon, bullying, we always think that children don`t know what it means to be bad, but sometimes they know pretty well how to become perfect animals, just like some human being.

I will tell you a very personal thing, when I was in elementary school, so when a little Kika was between school hallways, I had a little pronunciation problem.

For me the “C” sound was the same as the “S” sound and consequently my surname Cucciari turned into Cussari. Many children in school spent their time asking me what it was my last name just for hear me say it and laugh about it. Even now when I go around my little village many of those children now adults still call me Cussari and unknowingly  they  remind me the question “hey what’s your last name?”.

I don`t want to make pass this little incident as an act of bullying to me, or like I have being a bully victim, because I don`t considered that the case. But it`s true that I still remembered.

I strongly believe, however, that once again the love and the great pillars of my life, they made sure to make me understand that despite everything I was told, I would still been beautiful and special even with a small speech impediment, later corrected by a speech therapist! In fact, from what I remember the “teasing” ended when my problem passed. Now, I think it’s more of a nickname told by someone, but which no longer any consequences on myself.

Some phrases or words said it to someone may particularly affect them and we must never underestimate the power that a bad word can have on another human being.

Bullies exist and we must not pretend that this phenomenon doesn`t exist, which is why we must teach our children to be good children and to denounce those who are not. Don`t forget that fairy tales don`t teach children that dragons exist, they already know that, fairy tales teach children that dragons can be defeated!

Let`s help them understand it!

I hope you have read the post until the end, I hope that once again you enjoyed the post.

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