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Hi everyone,

A few days ago I was shopping around and my eye fell on this book, “Little Miss, Big Sis” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Peter H. Reynolds.

It`s a book that tells a very cute story about a child who will become big sister.

I bought the book and while reading the story, I remembered when, at 7 years old, I was the one who received that news!

But … Let’s step back. I had been an only child for 7 years, which was not a real torture, but since I was five, I worked hard to be sure that my parents understood that I wanted a younger sister or a brother.

It was not a question of loneliness, because since I was a little girl I loved spending time alone  and it didn`t make me sad!!!

My biggest passion was playing with “Barbie”. I loved spending time playing with them and inventing stories.

I had houses, cars, an airplane and a box full of Barbie cloths. All the shoes were organized by color. In short, Barbie was my passion.

But even though playing with Barbie by myself it wasn`t a big problem, I kept thinking that something was missing.

I was missing a little sister. A little one to take care of and bother when necessary. A little one that will bother me and who would become a perfect accomplice. I wanted a sister to have fun together, to hate and to love each other with the same intensity!

So for make it clear, in the same way i asked for a new Barbie I asked for a sister.

My mission began immediately!

I did not know how mom and dad could give me a little sister. Perhaps there were particular shops. If the stories of “cabbage patch kids” or storks were true or not. I didn`t care much. I realized that everything depended on mom and dad so if I wanted a little sister I had to work with them.

I remember that I ripped out every page of any magazine that had a picture of a child, and when mom and dad thought I was playing with my Barbie friends, I actually was sneaking around the house to hide pictures.

I put pictures everywhere. Drawers, kitchen, bathroom, bags, and more got at least my photo.

My parents worked during the day so I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house. That means I had plenty of time to make some nice cards asking them to give me a sister.

Those card for were hidden in unexpected places.

It took two long years; two years of torn Marie Claire magazine (my mom favorite magazine); two-year of hidden cards and pictures in perfect places; two years in which I hoped every day to see mom and dad come home with a little sister!

Well guess what? One day they came home and told me they had a big news. I would become the big sister of a girl who would be named Gaia!

WoooooW, I was very happy. The only problem was that I had to wait another nine months, and I didn`t expect that!!!

The work at home started right away. A new room, small but very pretty was immediately decorated. My mother’s belly grew and it became bigger and bigger every month. Family and friends brought gifts and helpful moms brought practical things almost every day.

We were all super excited. But I was the most excited.Finally I would have the sister I always wanted.

It was July 16th of 1998. I was at my grandparents’ house. Around 11am I remember the phone started ringing.

My grandfather was sitting next to me. I still remember his face at the sound of that phone. I still remember his words. He said: “I think Gaia has arrived!”.

And she did! After 5 minutes, my grandmother came into the room where my grandfather and I were sitting and she confirmed what my grandfather suspected. Gaia had finally arrived!

She was small and a  little annoying at first.

She cried, she ate and slept. That’s all!

She grew and I grew up with her. She was very lively. She followed me everywhere and she always destroyed all my Barbies. Better, in her opinion put the nail polish on my Barbie`s hair was a good way to changing their hair color.

When she was 7 years old I was 14 and already a teenager with constantly bad moods. 7 years of difference at that age is a lots!

I waited a long time for her to grow up enough we could be friends. A growth of love and hate, never jealousy, we love each other from the beginning. But, finally we were mature enough to appreciate each other.

Maybe, it was the strong desire of wanting a sister that tied us together. Maybe, mom and dad were very good at keeping that close bond, even when the distance become the enemy as I chase my dreams all around the world.

Now that I’m 25 and she 18 the relationship is as strong as before, and more beautiful. Perhaps we understand each other more. Well…don`t get me wrong, she always tends to be the troublemaker. But what can I say, she`s my little troublemaker!!!

What about you?

Have your kids asked for a younger sister or a younger brother?

And, are they good big brothers or big sisters?


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  1. Ma tu lo sai che mi stanno scendendo le lacrime. …siete una bellissima famiglia ,in tutto. ..?????vi voglio tanto bene ?????

    1. Che scemaaa, grazie mille ti vogliamo un mondo di bene anche noi e grazie mille di seguire il mio Blog!!!!ahhahahahah

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