Tips & Tricks – KiKa`s Summer!!!

Hi everyone,

How are you??? I know It`s been a long time, exactly the whole summer!

What can I say… I was super busy.

I swear is not an excuse, this summer was particularly intense.

But let`s don`t waste more time, I know you are curious to know what happened and at the same time, I am super excited about the idea of telling you what actually happened this summer.

So let’s start from the beginning …

The last post of KiKa on Kids dates back to May 14, a while ago …

That the day I decided to write about the famous red nose, to raise money for children in needs.

All this happened in an American supermarket chain Walgreens, and I was there to buy typical American ruffles to be packed for Claudia, my host mom, who was traveling to Italy and then to Sardinia for work.

Amazing!!! During that time I was still looking for my internship, so many interviews but nothing serious about it!

So let’s say that the stress level was very high, but I was determined, I had to and wanted to find the school that It will be offering me the best internship starting in June, so I had the chance to do summer camp.

And so it was, a few weeks after all that the good interview arrived … Documents, bureaucracy, and finally on June 1st, 2017 I started my internship at Montessori children`s house in Redmond.

Do you want to know the best part ???? The school is 8 minutes from my home !!!!!!! Oh yeah !!!

So in short … I officially start working with kids and finally everything I studied on books I could finally touch it with my hand !!

The month of June was, for the most part, a month of observation, where I enjoyed observing what would be my future colleagues and be getting to know the children.

The week after the 4th of July, the American Independence Day, the Summer Camp begins.

What a cool thing, let me tell you!

This summer here in Seattle was amazing! Sun, warm and all without rain, which I know that for my Sardinian compatriots may be strange, but believe me if I say that for Seattle about 3 months without rain is an exceptional event.

The summer camp was fun, 8 weeks of “Montessori craft”, games, laughter and carefree!

Well, I have to admit that there have been some hard days than others and that during the last week I had the chance to led the class! That was exciting !!!!!

Sometimes I also moved in other classes and so I had the opportunity to work with more people and to know more children, not always easy but at the same time an extraordinary experience from the human point of view. I had the chance to know a lot of children even with special needs.

Dealing with children with diseases such as Down’s syndrome or autism you realize that these illnesses do not give the child something in less but instead is a huge addition.

They automatically become special children and make everything around them special!

So what to add, it was intense, fantastic and surely met all of my expectations.

Sofia? Sofia spent all summer at the gym, she always stubborn and happy about her sport she woke up all summer at 7:30 pm to get there at 8:30 am !!! She also had a chance to go to Hawaii with her parents for a week, unfortunately, I lost that chance because I had just started my internship and so I could not get free days.

Needless to say that park events, lake trips, get a tan, amusement and a lot of ice cream were present in my summer as usual.

But back to when I told you that they gave me the opportunity to lead the class… The first day of this very short, but very nice adventure we saw an exceptional event, the famous eclipse of August 21, 2017!

All of us including the kids were given the eclipse goggles.

Although I had tried to explain a little before how the solar eclipse works, just as they wore their glasses and put their noses up, they said: “A banana, I see a banana”

At least it was clear they were watching the right thing! Ahahhah

Before ending the post I would like to share with you some of the Montessori-based craft I’ve done with children during the summer …

I made the American flag on July 4th, a Chinese fan made with paper and straw, shell work, a booklet about the palm tree parts, coloring pages, colored Starfish and for the last day I made a volcano and make it erupted in class. I have to be honest Pinterest was really a great friend …

I’ll leave some pics here …

Maybe in the next post, we are going to talk about how to make homemade Montessori Materials….

I hope that read a bit of my summer was interesting…

I hope you have forgiven me and I hope to read your comments or to see you on my social media account …

Huge THANKS for having kept reading and following me …

Kiss by KiKa

Ps. I want to share with you the one thing that hunted me for my whole Summer Camp:

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  1. Ci vuole molta sensibilità per andare oltre le apparenze e tu come sempre lo hai fatto con molta semplicità, riesci ha vedere la meraviglia della diversità e a farne ricchezza , sei tanto speciale anche tu.Amore mio

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