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Hi everyone,

today I want to tell you another amazing story about another amazing toy for kids.

The famous Jolly Jumper.

The first Jolly Jumper was invented by Susan Olivia Poole in 1910 and produced for the retail market in 1948.

As a child Olivia watched her elders strap their babies to cradle boards to carry them as “papooses”. While working in the fields, a mother would often hang the papoose on a sturdy tree limb and soothe the baby by occasionally pulling on the limb to create a bouncing motion.

Olivia remembered this in 1910 when her first child, Joseph, was born in Ontario, Canada. She made him a swing and called it a Jolly Jumper. She made the harness or saddle from a cloth diaper and a blacksmith created a soft-action steel spring. An axe handle was used for the spreader bar.

In 1942 Olivia and her husband moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. When grandchildren arrived, she continued to make Jolly Jumpers as she had for all of her seven children and by 1948 Jolly Jumpers were ready for mass production.

Olivia Poole and her son, Joseph Poole patented Susan’s invention in 1957 and manufactured ‘Jolly Jumpers’ at Poole Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in British Columbia, Canada.

Fortunately, this wonderful Canadian invention is still being produced today in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada under its original name, Jolly Jumper. There are three models available; one with a door clamp   one on a portable stand and one with a musical mat.

There are now over 200 items being manufactured under the Jolly Jumper trademark.

Of course, as often it happens so many other companies have started to produce it.

And now you can find so many types and brands.

In my personal experience in Italy the Jolly jumper was not really famous in 1998!

When I was a little girl I didn`t have one.

We find out that toy in one of our trip in Switzerland, we went to visit my mom family with my sister 11 month old!

My mom`s uncle rent us a house and give us a baby jumper for my sister.

None of us knew what it was, but all of us for one reason or another we immediately love it.

My parents especially my mom fall in love with that because she was finally able to take a shower longer than 3 minutes.

She was able to cook without worry about my sister every 2 minutes.

A really nice gift for a happy mother`s day!!!!

And my sister loves her baby jumper.

So we bought one, took it home and recommended to all our friends with children.

What about your experience?

Your kids have a baby jumper?

Don`t forget to leave your comments.

Kiss from KiKa

Per la versione in Italiano Clicca Qui.

One thought on “Toys Review – Jolly Jumper

  1. Bellissimo, il più bel giocattolo in assoluto, mai posseduto!
    Gaia girava come una trottola, saltava e ballava al suono delle canzoni di lene Marlin
    la guardavamo tutti increduli. Correggo , Gaia aveva appena 7 mesi e da allora ha sempre saltato e girato con il suo gioco… a 12 mesi correva, Ho sempre pensato che oltre ad essere un gioco divertente, è stato un aiuto incredibile per rafforzare le sue piccole gambe.
    Lo consiglio a tutti e quando ho potuto l’ho fatto conoscere o meglio ancora l’ho regalato.
    Brava Fede, hai nuovamente colpito nel segno. TVB

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