Special Events – “Halloween” VS “Li Molti e Molti”

Hello everyone,

today I want to tell you about one of the most famous holydays in United States, Halloween!!!

Not all of you know that in my little village in Sardinia there is a similar holyday, which has different origins, but still very similar, called “Li molti e molti!”

Halloween is a Celtic holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. Traces its origins to the Celtic celebrations and took over in the United States markedly forms macabre and trade with which we know it today.

The practice has since spread to other countries of the world and its manifestations are very different: it goes from parades to the games of children, running from house to house reciting the formula blackmail of trick-or-treat.

Feature of the festival is the symbolism related to death and the occult, which is typical of the symbol carved pumpkin, derived from the character of Jack-o’-lantern.

The word Halloween is a Scottish variant of the full name All Hallows’ Eve, that is, the eve of All Saints. Although the phrase All Hallows will find yourself in Old English (listing of all saints), All Hallows’ Eve is not attested until 1556.

Based on this I would like to let you know that the feast of the “Molti e Molti” that is celebrated mostly in the north of Sardinia, called Gallura , is located at the beginning of ‘900 when in all Italy and, and in our Gallura, the most of the population lived in a very poor economic conditions.

There were few wealthy families (lords), who worked in the service of all the destitute. Instead of money often received in kind for their work in the fields of cultivation, to tend the cattle or to do the housework of his master’s wife. In any case, with what they earned, they could barely feed his family and to try to source strictly necessary clothing to face the cold of winter and the heat of summer.

On the occasion of important feasts, the riches  felt in their consciousness the duty to do good works for the souls of their dead from whom they inherited the assets of which were in possession. They also  hoped that it was a good way for open to them more easily the gate of Paradise once they had passed to a better life.

Just the night between 1 and 2 November, on the Feast of All Saints and the commemoration of the dead, the poor were going to knock on the door of the rich asking them food of any kind (broad beans and dried beans, potatoes, chestnuts, walnuts, apples, figs …).

Shortly they were asking them for “Li molti e molti”.

The custom to this day it is transformed into the November festivities most awaited by the children of Gallura. November 2 kids will spend the whole morning in the villages knocking around on doors to ask “Li molti e molti”!

I hope you enjoyed the post …

I’m curious to know if where you come from there is a similar fest. For this reason don`t forget to leave me your comment …

… and since it’s October 31st … Happy Halloween!!!

Kiss from KiKa

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