Special Events – Dear Santa Claus…

Dear Santa Claus…

I can`t remember when I wrote you my last letter, but yes, it’s been a long time…

I remember, however, that the letters I wrote you always start with the same sentence: “This year, I would like….” And below it followed a long list of gifts, often something to do with Barbie!

I remember the Christmas Eve at my Grandparent’s house, their small tree, always perfectly decorated by the extraordinary uncle Lucio`s native.

The 24th , the native was often covered with a range of gifts that surrounded the tree, gifts that would disappear as soon as Grandma decided that it was time to exchange gifts!

It was a special moment, each of us had something. Honestly, I often didn`t have much, but I remember well that I didn`t need much. A blank sheet of paper and a pen to write on it and easily tears of joy often covered the faces of my family members!!!

I know, call me smart, but what could I do, I didn`t always have the money for all the gifts!!!

Christmas Day was often celebrated in my house, a large table and a huge binge! I remember that the day of 25th , I always woke up early and I ran under the tree and screamed that you were arrived, after my sister’s birth the screams became double and the whole thing was even more cool!

You know, the truth is that I don`t remember when I found out the truth about you. I think I never stopped believing in you.

I stopped writing you though, my “Dear Santa this year I would like…”  growing has become a list of gifts hanging on my Grandma fire place for make everyone able to read what were my wishes for Christmas.

Years later I will respect my tradition, and I`m about to tell you that this year I would like to….

To wish a Merry Christmas to the people I love most…

To my Grandma Julia, to smile a little bit more and eat a lot of her sugared almonds to the point of angering mom!!!

To my Grandma Simona and Grandpa Giovanni, to have one of their usual adolescent threads as if they still were two youngsters who are falling in love again.

To uncle Lucio and Elisa, to be funny as usual.

To uncle Marco, to continue to be the column of the family.

To aunt Maria and Paolo, to continue to be the ones who introduce the novelties in the family. I`m sure that Giulia would like a little brother or sister!

To her, my little Giulia, I wish her to scream so laud at 7am that you went to her house in the same way you came to me. I heard that she asked a bicycle, I know that you will please her in the best way!

To my godmother, godfather, Alessandra, Anna, Lidia, Michele Alessandro, Anna, Tore, Paolo, Luca, Rosa , Maria Giovanna, Luca, Debora, Vanessa, Bob and Nini I want you to say THANK YOU to always be there and give me the strength every day to move forward in my adventure.

To my friends, I want you to say that they have to have fun thinking about me.

To all those who know me, support and love me you have to give them a special hug from a me!

To my American Family, I want you to say them to continue to be the best second family I had ever been able to meet. To Sofia, that regardless of how my and her life will evolve she will always have a special place in my heart.

To Mom and Dad, what about them Santa, mom and dad are the reason why I am who I am. What can I say… thanks for the life I live! I can only remind them how grateful I am and how much I love them.

To Gaia, always the last, but never by accident. She is my Achilles heel, my little sister, I wanted her so much, the stories of mom and dad proof it. But, despite those stories at 19 years old I left home to pursue my dreams… Bad me, I admit I have thought sometimes about that, I often think about that. It`s thanks to the bond that has united us even before she was born make me realized that I would never care about where we would have been. We are always there for each other.

So, dear Santa, the purpose of this post is easy…

This year I would like to….

Wish the best Christmas ever to all of you…

Kiss from KiKa

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