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hi everyone, finally the new KiKa on Kids post is arrived!

But first let me tell you some news…

So, I`m in winter brake right now and that beside having a lot of homework to do, means that I can sleep without alarm!!!!

Oh yeaha!

If you started to follow me on snapchat @fe_de91 or simply KiKa on Kids for sure you know that I made some new gadget ahahhahaha like a KiKa on Kids decal, my phone case, a bag and some t-shirts!

Let me know what you think about it!

For sure you also know that this past weeks was Bella and Sofia birthday and I bake my first amazing yummy guava cake.

Then, the 22th I`m going to Charleston, South Carolina for follow once again, Sofia in one of her gymnastics competition.

So, if you are interested in my daily life you just need to follow me on my social media accounts, EASY!

But now let`s get started:

How many of you have play with bubbles soap?

They are one of these things that when you see it always keep adults and children with their nose up!

This post actually born because one day Sofia ask me to try to say bubbles in a mind or rude tones ahahahhahahah it`s impossible, please try it and then let me know!!!

It was so funny!!!

Of course, like always after that I start to though about bubbles soap! And… you guys now start to know me a little be more, so for sure you know that I found another amazing story about it!

The story dates to the 17th century, when Flemish painters show children blowing bubbles with clay pipes.

Generations of 18th and 19th century Their children gave mothers Their leftover washing soap to blow bubbles.

At the beginning of the 20th century, street peddlers and pitchmen were among the first to sell bubbles as a toy.

During the early 1940’s, a chemical company, Chemtoy, which sold cleaning supplies, revolutionized the toy world by systematically bottling bubble solution.

Tootsietoy Company later acquired the small chemical company and put bubble solution into full retail distribution by the late 1940s.

During the 1960s, bubbles Became a symbol of peace and harmony to hippies and flower children and further popularized the sport of bubble blowing.

In the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, bubble making companies like Imperial, Wells and Pustifix came into being increasing world-wide sales of bottles of bubble solution to more than 200 million a year.

Today, bubble solution is the bestselling toy in the world!


AMAZING, right?

I mean bubbles soap! A really easy toy to made, so simple and so cool at the same time.

So, what can I say…. I think you will never regret time spent blowing bubbles!

I hope you liked the post.

Let me know what you think commenting, don`t forget to follow me on my social media accounts and SUBSCRIBE!


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Kiss from KiKa


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