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Hi everyone,

Today my focus has fallen right on my favorite toy, Barbie.

When I decided to make this post I didn`t think that the doll who I most loved when I was a little girl has that big world of stories behind her…

So I will not waste time because I want to share everything with you!


Ok Perfect, I’ll start by telling you that Barbie is a fashion doll marketed by Mattell  from March 9th , 1959. It`s the best-selling doll in the world and the top product of its production company. The character of the best-selling line was “Totally Hair Barbie” , with long hair down to the feet, distributed in 1992.

While Ruth Handler watched her daughter play with paper dolls, she realized that often, she liked to give to the dolls adult roles. Realizing that, she thought that this kind of dolls it could be a great marketing idea. Ruth suggested the idea of a line of adult-looking doll to her husband Elliot, a co-founder of the Mattel toy house. Initially, the idea did not seem to inspire much enthusiasm. Reworking at the idea of this kind of doll, Ruth with an engineer, Jack Ryan, created the first Barbie, using a German doll as her inspiration. At the doll it has been given the name of the daughter of Handler, Barbara. Barbie made its first appearance in stores on March 9, 1959, dressed in a striped suit, light skin and black hair tied with a long tail: then, however, she would appear almost always blond. Built in Japan, the first year of her life they were sold 350,000 Barbie.

It`s estimated that over a billion of Barbie have been sold in over 150 countries, and a few years ago, Mattel reported a survey claiming saying that they were sold three Barbie per second.

Barbie soon become a real diva.

Mattel invents a whole series of stories, friends, family members and even a boyfriend. All with real names and all ready to fill a space in the market for the sale.

About Barbie today there are movies, books, magazines and it seems that sometimes “she” even makes a few appearances in other films like Toy Story  by Walt Disney  Pixar.

Barbie now has a website where discover “her” new adventures and  “her” news.

“She” has social networks profile like Instagram with a record of 1.5 million followers.

Mattel estimates that there are over 100,000 collectors of Barbie dolls. 90% are women with the age of about 40 years old , who purchase twenty new Barbie annually. 45% of them spend more than $ 1,000 each year for their collection.

The first Barbie are those who took the highest commercial value, and while a Barbie doll in 1959 was sold for $ 3, the same Barbie was sold for $ 3552.50 on eBay  in October 2004.

In recent years Mattel has launched a special Barbie range, specifically produced for collectors, some of which are porcelain, and other style of a famous television series like Star Trek , The Addams family and The Munsters.

In September 2003, Saudi Arabia outlawed the sale of Barbie cause found them not conformity with the principles of Islam. In the Middle East it was created an alternative doll called Fulla  like Barbie, but designed to be more acceptable in the Islamic market. Fulla is not made by Mattel and Barbie is still available in stores in other Islamic countries like Egypt.

Over the years however, the term “Barbie” has often assumed the derogatory meaning of “good-looking girl but devoid of thickness and substantially stupid”. In this sense the term is used in the Italian adaptation of the movie Mean Girls, and in the song Barbie Girl by the
Danish group Aqua, against which the Mattel filed a lawsuit for breach of copyright.

In July 1992, Mattel has marketed a talking Barbie, programmed with various phrases. Each specimen on the market could only pronounce a sentence of 270 possible. One of them was “Math is hard!”. This sentence aroused the discontent of an association university women, which led Mattel few months later to remove the offending sentence from the product, and to offer a replacement for the pieces already sold.

One of the most frequent criticisms of the doll is to promote an image of unrealistic woman anatomically, with the consequent risk that girls aspire to have that body type and bring them to anorexia. For this reason, since 1997, the body of Barbie was modeled to have a wider pelvis.

Reading everything you have not had the perception to read a post on a real person and not a toy?

I have to admit that this was my perception!

But I must also have to admit that I`m happy to say that Barbie has accompanied me for a great period of my growing up. “She” keeping me company and never problems or strange thoughts, rather exactly the opposite. I was using my imagination to make up stories to be able to play with “her”.

I wonder if Ruth imagined all this, if she imagined what it would be created around the simple idea to create an adult-looking doll, who in any way we speak about it, I’m sure “she” made billions of little girls happy just like me.

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