Tips & Tricks – Again, Again, Again!!! Ancora, Ancora, Ancora!!!

Hi everyone,

how many times have you heard or said this word when you were little???

I remember when I was a child I loved when going for a walk with mom and dad, at some point while we were walking, holding both of them hands they made me do the “swing”.

Funny! The problem was that when they did it for the first time, then I continued to ask again, again and again!

The game ended only when mom and dad told me that they were tired and it was time to stop!!!

Just the other day I was thinking about that, I thought if there was a nicer way to say stop without hurting children feelings.

I was in the car with Sofia and I was telling her a story, apparently to her it was a really funny one, and she kept asking, again, can you tell me

I tried to repeat it, but repeating the story I was constantly losing the excitement of the first time, the words changed, even the expression, I don`t know, there was not the same intensity of the first time.

And so I though, how do I explain this? How do I tell her that there’s just a way of saying that says that “the first time is always the first time”?

How come when we grow, we lose this desire to keep say “again”, that only when we are young it seems funny?

So once again I wondered, why should I explain to her something that she will understand when she will grow up? Why make her grow up before the right time?

So I continued answer at the “again”!

But, mine was just a story, it was over when we get home, but how do you really can stop the “again” without being too rude?

I decided to google it, but unfortunately I didn`t found many useful tips to my question.

Everything was about “how make my kids obey me” etc.

Then I thought about the fact that maybe the only solution is to laugh together about the “again”!!!

And still laughing trying to stop it!

We all know, everyone says that kids need a lot of patience!

Kids keep say “again” for all the things that they have tried for the first time and gave them the feeling of wellness or the simply surprise feeling that they don`t want to forget.

This is their very own peculiarities, instead us, the adults have the peculiarities to answer “yes, but this is the last time”!!!

Two opposite worlds the adults one from the children one, who knows why when we grow up we become so boring and serious?

You know when children watching TV (a movie), the first super hilarious film scene, or the one who for one reason or another are beautiful?  If they have the chance, they take the remote control and they go back to cover the scene again, for the same purpose of the “again”, and the funniest thing is that they always laugh as if it was the first time!!!

When I was a little girl, I loved to watch “Home Alone”, ask my grandmother how many times has seen that movie?

I loved that movie, it always made me laugh like crazy!

Recently I discovered that Sofia had never seen that movie before, so we decided to watched it together, and guess what?

Even though I still remembered all the movie words, I laughed again like crazy.

This time was different though, I didn`t laughed just for the movie, which I have to admit that is always super funny, but also because watching Sofia laughing so hard on the couch, reminded me when the little girl who laughed so hard on the couch was me.

What about your kids, for what they ask again?

Don`t forget to give me your opinion!

And…Sorry For My Bad English!!!

Kiss from Kika!!!

2 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks – Again, Again, Again!!! Ancora, Ancora, Ancora!!!

  1. Il cerchio della vita è infinito, troppo spesso ci scordiamo di essere stati bambini, è bello emozionarsi, gli adulti, lo scordano troppo spesso, non è senso di fragilità, ma l’unico modo di assaporare la vita.

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