10 things you don`t know about Gymnasts.

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Hi everyone,

So, the new post is  about Gymnastics.

I don`t know if you guys remember that Sofia is a competitive Gymnast and she`s good on it.

Honestly, before meeting Sofia I didn`t know anything about gymnastics, but now I even know the name of all the USA TEAM girls and together we cheering for them.

Living with her I realize I much work there is beyond this sport, how many missing playdates they have, and how much time they spent training.

I hope you will enjoy reading:

1. Leotards are their best friends.

So, leotards for gymnasts are really important, they live on it.

2. Chalk is their second skin

Chalk, OMG! Sofia every time she done with her daily practice training she looks like a Japanese Geisha!

3. Being upside down feel completely normal.

Their world is upside down and every place is an excuse for try a handstand.

4. They learn to live with constant cuts, bruises and blisters.

Cuts, bruises and blisters are a big member of their life, and every day there is a new one.

Sofia loves to count her bruises and usually are no less than 10!

5. Even though people think their hands are gross, they wear their calluses like badges of honor.

Is true, Gymnasts have gross hands and there is no hands cream that can help them with that.

But they love their gross hands and honestly, I started to love it too.

6. Coaches can be bossy.

??? yes coaches sometimes can be bossy, because they always push them to do more. But coaches with teammate are their second family.

7. Ice isn`t just nice, is their second-best friend.

After a big training day, ice, sometimes is just a best friend! ???

8. They are perfectionist.

Yes, live with a Gymnast is not easy, because after they train all the time on how to be perfect, they want to be perfect all the time in everything.

9. After a competition, their hair stays in place after they take out their scrunchie or ponytail because they use so much hair gel.

??? That one is the best one, I love it and is so true! Be prepare on have hair spray and hair gel all over their bathroom.

10. Sometimes they feel they`re not really experiencing life because all they do is train.

“My life is sucks”, yes I hear that so many times.

But after all, the only think is matter is the joy in their eyes and the happiness during training. Teammate become friends sometimes best friends and even though is an individual sport they cheer each other and they love each other no matter what.

Sofia has 11 years old and she training 21 hour per week, so I guess that sometimes she can say that her life is sucks!

But Gymnasts, don`t give up. Is going to pay back, soon or later, in some way or another all your effort, your tenacity, your passion and dedication is going to pay back.

So, Gymnasts Good Luck and…. GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiss from KiKa

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