10 things to do on a Rainy Day!!! 10 cose da fare in un giorno di pioggia!


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Hi everyone.

I’m not sure if I never told you guys that I’m living in Redmond WA.

Is a nice small town near Seattle really famous for the Microsoft campus!

Let me tell you why the Washington state is also called “the evergreen state”.

Here it’s always raining!!!

So I thought that a good post about some fun things to do on a rainy day it could be helpful!

1 Bake cute cookies

Kids always love to cook!

So I think that one of the more funniest activities on a rainy day is bake some yummy cookies! Every time that Sofia and I decided to bake something we always have so much fun!!!

I always prepare everything in advance so when she’s ready to start she can be the chef and I can be the assistant.

Be prepared to have some extra food of every ingredient my chef usually like to taste everything in advance!!!

2 Camping inside

Who said that we can only camping outside?

You can build a tend with some mat and sheets. But, if you have a big open space, in your home build a regular camping tent inside is always super fun!

And why not organize a picnic outside the tent!

3 Go to the aquarium or to the movie theater

Place like aquarium or theaters are always good in rainy day!

Are so fun for kids. Usually inside place like the aquarium they are always some good kids’ activities!

4 Create your own playdough

When I was a little girl my grandmother always makes me create my own playdough.

So for this post I will share with you my grandmother personal playdough recipe!

Pretty easy, all you need is flour, salt, olive oil and water!

100 gr.  flour

50 gr. salt

10 ml. Olive oil

60 ml. water

Put all the ingredient in a bowl in order like above, and then have fun mixing until you get a solid consistency.

If necessary, add water!!!

When you think that your playdough is ready, be creative and have fun!!!!

I find another playdough recipe studying for become a Montessori teacher.

They called geography clay but I tried home and it’s perfect for be creative!

5 Fruits popsicle

Fruits popsicle are a healthy and perfect snacks especially in summer time.

Here some good and easy recipes!

9 Healthier Summer Popsicle Recipes

6 Paint eggs and rocks

Paint eggs was always my favorite game when I was a little girl

It`s easy, you have just to boil some eggs. When the eggs are cooked let them cool down and then you can start to paint them!!!

For the rocks much easier, choose your favorite rock and then paint it!

7 The story game!

My mom suggested me this game.

She uses to do it with us when we were little.

The only thing you need is your imagination.

It is simple, you start to tell a story invented at the moment. The kid who you play with, at some point he/her will continue the story inventing another piece.

The game continues until one player decides to end the story.

It`s a very funny game!!!

8 Craft with toilette paper tubes.

Who have never played with toilet paper tubes?

That one is another cool game that I use to play when I was a little girl.

Craft with toilette paper tubes was so cool!!

It was fun to collect the toilet paper tubes and then make big projects.

Here some fun ideas:

 22 Cool Kids Crafts You Can Make From Toilet Paper Tubes

9 Drawing

To draw for kids is always fun! Usually a white piece of paper with some markers is all you need.

But some of these books will help you to have fun:

 Best sellers Children books

For the older one that books are the best

10 Jump in puddles.

I know that during the winter is not really possible but what about summer?

Is raining I know but is kind of warm and is fun!

With the right clothes like rain boots and rain jacket It is a fun game for all ages!!!

I hope I`ve been helpful.

Don`t forget to write me what do you do with your child on a rainy day.

Kiss from KiKa

And….Sorry For My Bad English!!!

Per la versione in Italiano Clicca Qui.

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