10 Reasons why you should get a dog for your kids!!!


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Hi everyone,

I never told you about my love for dogs, that why I want to give you 10 reasons why you should get a dog for your kids.

Sofia has a wonderful Golden Retriever, Bella.

In the beginning I didn`t want to get attached to her, because I know me, and I knew how bad it would make me feel, say goodbye!

Fortunately, nothing like this happened, Bella and I become really good friend super attached each other.

I grew up with dogs, my parents gave me one when I was a little girl and my grandmother had one too.

Now that I am in United States I left my little 6 years old dog “Vispo” in Italy with my parents and my sister, but fortunately my “second family” here in United States get Bella only two months before I arrived at their house.

In my personal opinion a life without a furry friend is a boring one!

So, let`s get started!!

1. Dogs are amazing friends.


What can I say, dog is the only things on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

Really true!

Raise your children with a furry little friend will make his/her growth even more special.

2. Dogs become family members.

A dog become easily a family member.

If I think of Bella, she always knows how to make me feel guilty when I go out without her.

She always knows how to be part of family activities in her happy and excited way to make everything much more adventurous.

3. They are always happy to see you.

Dog don`t have bad day!

For sure, for your kid to have a friend always happy to see him/her is a positive note in its growth.

4. They keep you company.

With a dog your kids will never feel alone!

And they will be a sweet company for you too, maybe when your kid is out for a playdate or a sleepover!

5. Dog is the meaning of love.

Have a dog It means to have love around you all the time.

With their tail and their sweet eyes, they will make you feel all their love, and kids need love!

6. They like to snuggle.

The fact that they love snuggle means that when your child will have cold feet cause of the winter, they will warm them with pleasure!!!

You will also like that feeling!!!!

7. Having a dog is like having a baby, but only the fun parts.

Really true tense!!

You do not have to change their diaper; you don`t have to give them a bath every day.

And even when they need a bath, do it with your kids could be really fun!

8. Meet new people.

Dog help to socialize!

If your kid is a really shy person that has difficulties in socializing dogs are the best therapy.

Every time I take Sofia and Bella at the park together Sofia she always meets new friends!

9.They always understand your emotions.

Bella always know when something happens!

She feels if we are sad or happy, if we have to travel somewhere or if not.

it’s like having in your life, someone who always understands you and acts accordingly.

10. Dogs makes your life better.

When you have a dog in your life you can`t imagine a life without it!

They make your life better, if you have a bad day is sure that the 4-paws friend, waiting for you at home will know how to tear you a smile.

We all need to smile when we get home!

A dog will make your kids happy all the time!

And who doesn`t want to see their child happy?

Don`t forget to leave me your comments…

Kiss from KiKa

Per la versione in Italiano Clicca Qui.

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