10 Questions kids have about Santa Claus!!!

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Hi everyone,

December is all about Christmas so my posts will respect the tradition, at least I will try!!!

Since I am a kid’s blogger, I decide to start to read some kids magazines like “Parents“.

In the December one, a good article catch my eyes and I decided to share it with you hoping that you guys can read some good advice from it.

Is all about the questions that kids ask about Santa Claus, and how we can answer them.

But let`s get started:

1. How can he get all over the world in just one night?

Santa can get all over the world in just one night because his reindeer are the fastest in the world.

2. We don`t have a chimney. How will he get in?

Santa always find the way to come in, the chimney is not a problem, sometimes he might need to use doors.

3. How does he really know if kids have been bad or good?

Santa has a lot of helper one of the duties of his elves is precisely to monitor how children behave during the year.

4. Why does Santa have the same wrapping paper as mom?

Dear mom, the only answer to this question is to absolutely buy a unique and special wrapping paper for Santa!!!

5. How come he doesn`t get a stomachache from eating all the cookies and milk?

Santa doesn`t eat all the cookies he shares the cookies with his reindeer and elves.

6. Why at the mall there is more the only one Santa Claus?

Those in the mall are Santa’s spies that control whether the children are well behaved.

7. Why Santa Claus beard seems often fake?

Because even Santa occasionally shaves and to make sure the children recognize him, he puts fake beard.

8. Why I can`t go to bed after I meet Santa Claus and not before?

Because if Santa find you awake will not leave you presents, is not good for kids staying up until late.

9. Can I become one of Santa Claus`s elves and help him with the presents?

You might become one of Santa`s elves when you grow up a little be more.

1o. Why Santa Claus brought me only one gift?

Santa has a lot of kids to take care of and he can only give one gift per kids. The purpose of Santa is not about how many presents he gives us, presents are just a symbol. The purpose of Santa Claus and Christmas itself is to be able to spend time with the people we love. Exchange gifts is something that we do like a symbol for exchange love each other.

Santa Claus is the one who makes the first move we simply must continue what he has started.

I`m sure once in your life you hear or you thought about at least one of this question.

Some of the answer they have been suggested to me by the Parents Magazine article. Some others were just the answer that were given to me when I was a little girl.

Macy`s this here decided to do the famous #SantaProject I am with them, let`s keep the magic of Santa Claus alive.

I don`t know if you already know but the night of the 24th you guys with your kids can track Santa Claus, these are the link: ⬇️

Google Santa Tracker

Norad Santa

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Let me know what your kids ask you about Santa Claus.

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