10 Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2017

Hi everyone,

How are you???

How did you spend your weekend?

I was pretty interesting, actually, all week was interesting.

But yes, I’ll give you a little update, so, the weekend of the 7th my “host mom” did a show to sell her jewelry, this is her website ➡️  Gyoie and here some pictures of some of her jewelry.

Well, the good news is that I’ve become very good at making it too, she taught me some cool tricks so, sometimes I’m making some necklaces or earrings for myself too.

Then what else … The week at school went well as usual.

There have been some changes and so in my class, a new girl came to help with our 21 mini students!

So let’s say we’re all still settling!

But I’m positive in saying that everything will go great!

This weekend, was also very interesting, we had a guest from California, Sofia’s grandfather!

Two days of good home-made Italian food and even a very interesting visit to the Boeing’s factory was really the classic icing on the cake!

In short, Kika had another super intense week and weekend!

AH! In fact, I have another super exciting news … My sister moves to Rome to college!

Well, surely in so many you will remember my super post about my sister “Little Miss Big Sis”  in which I just told you when she was born! Here is my sister now who is going to move to Rome to attend the Academy of Fine Arts!!!


So, after this huge excursus on my past two weeks, I can finally tell you what I wanted to talk to you today about my new post.

Well as you know, Halloween is coming, and exactly last year I did a post about Halloween story and a very similar tradition of the little village in Sardinia where I come from, if you want to find out more, here is the link ➡️ Halloween VS Li molti e molti. 

Anyway, today I want to talk about the 10 most popular kids costumes for this Halloween.

At school, last week we started talking about this holiday and as Kika always has raised ears, ready to store information from the children’s world, I decided to do a small survey in the classroom.

My kids are 21, many with the same idea of costume but after about 10 minutes of a chat, I managed to extrapolate from them the 10 popular costumes among kids right now.

I would like to emphasize that they are children between the ages of 2 and a half and 5 and a half.


So, in the first place we are without doubt and with a very high percentage of votes:

1. Paw Patrol costumes.

2. Yoda’s Costume – Star Wars Character

3. The Marvel Superheroes and Wonder Woman

4. Minions

5. Disney Princesses

6. Witch

7. Unicorn costume

8. Skeleton

9. Zombie

10. Pumpkin dress


In short, these are the top 10 among the 21 children who attend my class.

Consider also the fact that the Halloween parties here in America are an excuse to disguise, so the costume must not be only scary!

Having said that, I hope I have been helpful if any of you have not chosen yet your Halloween costume.

But of course, as all the holidays the most important thing is to have fun and eat lots of candy and chocolate!!!

Do not forget to comment, and why not send me on my social profiles some photos of your Halloween costumes.

Talk to you soon…

Kiss from Kika.

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